iPhone Repairs

We specialise in iPhone repairs, we turnaround most within one hour. All our repairs (excluding water damage) come with 4 months warranty on parts replaced. See below table for our current costs (cost include labour & VAT)

*For iPhone X/XS/XS MAX we only use SOFT OLED

SOFT OLED – Screens on OLED are superior to LCD screens on the basis that they deliver brighter, more vibrant colours with better contrast making them more suitable for displaying HDR pictures and video. They also feature better refresh rates. There is also a HARD OLED screen type but this breaks easier and is a thicker screen.

Common Repairs Screen Battery Charge Port Back Glass
iPhone 12 / Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
Phone 11 Pro
iPhone 11£110£60£90£100
iPhone XS Max£140£70£90£90
iPhone XS£110£60£80£80
iPhone XR£90£60£70£80
iPhone X£110£60£70£80
iPhone 8+£70£60£60£70
iPhone 8£65£60£60£70
iPhone 7+£65£50£60N/A
iPhone 7£60£50£50N/A
iPhone 6S / 6s+£50/55£40£40N/A
iPhone 6 / 6+£40/£50£40£40N/A
iPhone 5S/SE/5C£35£30£35N/A
iPhone 5£35£25£30N/A
Other Repairs    
 Home ButtonCamerasEar SpeakerLoud Speaker
iPhone 11N/A£100£60£70
iPhone XS MaxN/A£100£60£70
iPhone XS N/A£85£50£70
iPhone XR N/A£70£50£60
iPhone X N/A£60£50£55
iPhone 8+£40£75£40£60
iPhone 8£40£60£40£40
iPhone 7+£40£60£40£50
iPhone 7£40£50£40£45
iPhone 6S / 6s+£20£35£30£30
iPhone 6 / 6+£20£35£30£30
iPhone 5S/SE/5C£20£35£25£20
iPhone 5£20£20£25£20

If you cant find your device or issue then please contact us for a free quote